About Yolandi

Yolandi started her professional cycling career in 2004 at the tender age of 18. For 2 years (2004, 2005) she formed part of the Liberty Ladies cycling team whilst finishing school and studying BSc Dietician at the University of Potchefstroom.

In 2006 Yolandi travelled to Europe in order to pursue her cycling dream at the time, which was to race as a member of a top professional ladies team. She rode for the Konica Minolta team during the South African season (Jan to March and Oct to Dec) and for British UCI trade team FBUK in Europe from April to September.

In 2007 she continued with team Konica Minolta during the South African season. In Europe she was offered a contract with the best team in Belgium, Team Lotto Belisol. While riding for them she became the first South African woman to participate in the Ladies Tour de France, the Tour de Feminine.

This two pronged attack was maintained in 2008 when she raced for a second season with the Lotto Belisol and Cycle Lab Ladies teams in Europe and South Africa respectively. This seemed to be a culmination of Yolandi’s aspirations on the road and seeking new challenges she decided to make a switch to mountain biking.

After Yolandi achieving what she set out to achieve in Europe she switched over the mountain biking the following year (2009) in pursuit of a new challenge still racing in the Konica Minolta (bizhub) colors.

Yolandi has been very successful both on road and off road having added a few victories to her name. In the future she is looking to add more victories to her name whilst improving in all aspects of mountain biking.

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