In 2014 I’ve joined up with the Science to Sport coaching team to not only improve my own coaching knowledge but also to offer athletes the latest training techniques specific to road cycling and mountain biking.

Science to Sport

Category 3 Coaching

Category 3 coaching provides the competitive club or junior athlete with a personalised training program which is tailored to their specific training, status, time constraints and goals.

This program is prescriptive and is based on specific performance goals and events. The program is updates on a monthly basis. There is limited interaction with the coach consisting of email, telephonic or direct face to face feedback at the completion of each month’s training. The next instalment of the training program will incorporate changes based on the athlete’s feedback. Performance testing is required at a 6 month intervals to objectively measure improvements in training status and to updated training zones.

Price: R750 / month

Category 2 Coaching

Category 2 coaching builds on the effectiveness of category 3 coaching by incorporating weekly monitoring of fatigue in the form of the DALDA test or LSCT and feedback from the rider. This allows training load to be altered in response to changes in recovery rate or other factors (such as work and social commitments) which may interfere with training and recovery. Interaction with the coach is weekly by email and telephonic interaction and the training program updated (if required) weekly.

Performance testing is required at 6 month intervals to objectively measure improvements in training status and to update training zones.

Price:  R1500 / month

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