Race Report: The Pioneer New Zealand – A Ride Beyond

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since we crossed the finish line of our final race for 2018 and what a race it was. The Pioneer New Zealand was part race and part adventure and there could hardly be a more fitting way to bring our season to a close.

Queenstown on the shores of Lake Wakatipu played host to the event which traversed parts of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. As you can imagine the scenery was breathtaking but smart course design and some logistical genius allowed participants to enjoy very diverse landscapes on trails and paths which challenged skill, fitness and team work.

I won’t go into too much detail here as you will be able to read all about our

exploits in the Spring issue of Mountain Bike Magazine.

Suffice to say that it was a fantastic experience, highly recommended to anyone with a mountain bike and a sense of adventure!

Since then we have had some time without any structured training which allowed us to find the simple joy in riding a bike again. Ironically enough it’s easy to lose perspective when you get caught up in the rush of a jam packed racing season and ridin

g our bikes purely for pleasure becomes a rare treat.

This was also one of the few times in a year when we get to do other stuff besides riding our bikes and we made the most of it hiking, swimming and milking cows, but that’s a story for another day 😉

For the last week we have been back in full-on training mode as 2019 promises even more adventure and we mean to be ready for whatever opportunities may come our way.

Team Garmin MTB wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with smooth singletrack and easy to land jumps 😉