Race Report: The Uplands Duathlon – Team Garmin MTB’s guide on how to get sore legs!

This past weekend team Garmin MTB had no races on our calendar and we were looking forward to some quality training before the upcoming Sky2C event. Our local school had other ideas as they hosted a Duathlon event to raise funds for the school.

Despite the occasional jog/shuffle for cross training we have never professed to be runners, but somehow we found ourselves drawn to the event. It was an opportunity to do something different while still maintaining fitness and the noble cause of our local community was hard to ignore.

So it came that at 7am on Saturday morning I set off for a 4 km run, followed by a 30km mountain bike and a repeat of the 4km run. Yolandi teamed up with close friend and Uplands pupil Elne Lourens as they faced the challenge in a team with Elne doing the running and Yolandi the biking.

The two of them combined well with Yolandi even joining in on the final 4km run to complete their race as a team, crossing the finish line hand in hand. They were the first ladies team home and only narrowly got beaten into 2nd place overall on the day.

My opening run was better than expected and I had a really good bike managing to turn the duathlon into a bike race more than a running race. Notwithstanding post bike jelly legs and looming cramp, I survived the final 4km run to take an unexpected win.

Milkshakes all around was the order of the day as we celebrated and drowned our sore muscles in double thick delight!

It was a fantastic day out, especially seeing how involved the local community were with local business, parents and pupils all chipping in to make the event a success.