Team Garmin’s review of Garmin Connect. @GarminSA

Slice 3Owning a Garmin device is only half the story. Unlock its full potential by using the Garmin Connect Mobile App and/or Online software.

Garmin Connect offers a whole range of training tools to assist you in planning, tracking and reviewing your workouts. The software includes features such as joining team challenges, beating other cyclists’ best times on local routes and more to help you improve your fitness. It can help you become a better athlete or just improve your health in general whilst having fun.

We’ll be sharing the Garmin Connect App and software features in various posts, so make sure to keep following.

Let’s start off with the Garmin Connect Mobile App features before heading on to Garmin Connect Online software.


When you open the Mobile App Snapshots is the first data you will see. If you swipe across the screen you’ll be able to see a daily review of all your data such as steps, sleep, workouts to name but a few. In a word – a snapshot of your daily activity.

Sleep Tracking

Most Garmin devices include the sleep tracking feature. The unit will automatically track your sleep metrics, including the time you fall asleep and wake up.

What does a good night’s sleep look like? If you slept like a baby and wake up refreshed your chart will show a steady wave of peaks and troughs.

How do I benefit from sleep tracking?

When I haven’t recovered sufficiently from a training session (over tired) or ate something that didn’t agree with me or even if I went to bed late, the chart will show an unsteady or unfamiliar graph in the morning.  This indicates that I have to change something in my daily routine to return to normal sleeping patterns.

Next time we’ll have a look at the Step Count and Calendar features

Following on from last time we look at the Step Count and Calendar features.

Step Count

Garmin Connect works with your device to create a daily step goal that’s customized to you and your lifestyle. The goal adjusts up or down depending on your previous step totals, always keeping you challenged and encouraging you to be a bit more active than the day before. If you prefer, you can also set your own daily goal with the Garmin Connect App.

How I benefit from Step Count

The day before and of an important session or race, I will use the step tracking feature to make sure I don’t accumulate any unnecessary daily steps. A fresh pair of legs delivers a better session and subsequent recovery assures maximum benefit from the session.


If you want to look at a specific training session or view any previous info or activities just head to the Calendar tab. Here you’ll be able to access and review all captured data for a specific date. The Garmin Connect App splits steps, sleep, heart rate, runs, cycles and golf data. You can tap a day and then the type of data you want to review.

Next time we’ll have a look at how to review your sessions and editing your data.

Following on from last time we look at reviewing your training sessions and editing your data on the Garmin Connect App.

Review your sessions

Any individual session is best found via the calendar. If you want to get more of an overview about your performance head to the Running or Cycling Snapshot. From there tap the graph at the bottom and you can then filter training sessions over 7-day, 4-week or 12-month time scales. You can then see averages and totals as well as personal records.

Another great place to find stats is in your profile. Head to Settings > Profile & Privacy and scroll to the bottom to see your activity class designated by Garmin and your average VO2 max score.

Edit the data

You can edit any activity by heading to the item in the Calendar, tapping the three dots in the top right and choosing Edit Activity. From here you can name the activity, add notes and even change the type of exercise, if it’s been mislabelled.

Next time we’ll have a look at uploading Garmin data to Strava and joining a cycling or running group via the Garmin Connect App

Following on from last time we look at uploading Garmin data to Strava and joining a cycling or running group via the Garmin Connect App

How to upload Garmin data to Strava

First, go to the Strava app on your phone (or on your PC) and make sure the Garmin app is installed (Garmin Express for PC/Mac users). You can then choose Settings > Link Other Services, and choose Garmin from the list. Enter your details and as soon as you pair your Garmin unit with Connect, it will automatically send the workout data to Strava as well.

Join a cycling or running group via the Garmin Connect App

The Garmin Connect Mobile App works mainly as a tool for reviewing your activity, but it also lets you search for groups to join. The groups come in various flavours from clubs to distance challenges all over the world.

Once you’re in a group you can see how other members are tracking towards their goals, whether that’s in terms of kilometres run, calories burned or total steps taken. The info comes in the form of a league table for an added dose of motivating competition.

More about Garmin Connect Online and its features in the next post.