My report of the York Enduro MTB Rally 2016 @YorkAdventure @GarminSA

The York Enduro Mountain Bike Rally hosted by the timber giant, York Timbers is very different to the usual stage races we have in South Africa. The invitation only event is based on the popular Enduro style of mountain bike racing with the aim of providing a platform to build relationships between professional riders and corporate companies.20160924_121307

Since its inception in 2012 the York Enduro Mountain Bike Rally has grown to become a highlight on the events calendar. The 4 day event takes place in and around Sabie and includes a Downhill race, a three part Enduro race, a Cross Country race and a Dual Eliminator race. Competing teams consist of 4-man corporate teams, each paired with one professional rider.

The 4th edition of York Enduro proved to be quite a special one as York Timbers celebrated their 100th birthday this year and went all out to celebrate this momentous occasion. As always the trails were incredibly well built and an absolute treat to ride. The water points were simply next level with fresh chips, hot dogs, biltong, cupcakes, banana bread, coffee, cookies to name but a few of the treats. Needless to say pacing yourself at the water points was much more important than during the stages. I often found myself sated by the halfway stop, but like a true professional I pushed through and tasted all that was on offer!

Then there was lunch and dinner, time and again served in friendly and beautiful locations with entertainment from the inspirational Hein Wagenaar, the talented Elvis Blue, Jon Delinger and the enjoyable Kurt Darren.20160923_120500

To top it all off I got the share this unique experience alongside a wonderful team in the York Timbers Team 2. Anina, Francois, Hein, Johnny and Justin thank you for the memories and good laughs over the 4 days!

I am very fortunate to have been part of the York Enduro Rally since its inception and it’s wonderful to see York Timbers improving the event every year. This year was truly magical and I’m not sure how York will be able to better it next year but knowing them they’ll find a way. Thank you York Timbers for a great event and happy birthday!