The mapping functionality of the @GarminSA Edge 1000

Since I’ve been pedalling a bicycle as a profession (age 18), I’ve been following a structured training program. This means I’ll always start a training ride with a goal and head out on a route which will allow me to perform this session. For example, if I have to do 5 minute hill intervals I’ll cycle to a hill that would take me 5 minutes to ascend and ride up and down this climb until I’ve completed the intervals. Afterwards I’ll head straight back home or take a detour depending on the time left to complete my training ride for the day.

After dislocating my shoulder I was forced to change my training regime and to my surprise it turned out to be pretty enjoyable, especially towards the second half of the 6 week rehabilitation period.

For the first 2 weeks following my crash I had to keep my arm in a sling. Thereafter I was allowed to start cycling, but only on the road and within the limits of pain. I’m almost four weeks into my rehab program and can comfortable cycle for up to three hours without any shoulder pain.

Up until now I wasn’t allowed to pull or push on the handlebars with my injured arm/shoulder and therefore wasn’t able to perform any specific training. This gave me the opportunity to relive one of the main reasons why I took up cycling in the first place, which is the freedom of pointing your bike in any direction and simply to go exploring. Fortunately to make my injury feel more like a blessing than a curse, I had the good fortune of exploring a completely unfamiliar country. For the first time my Garmin Edge 1000’s mapping function also came into its own as I explored the Austrian countryside.

To quench my sense of adventure I can either map out a course on Garmin Connect Online and send it to my device, or ride with my device on map view and turn off on whichever route I desire. The map displayed on the Garmin device clearly indicates tarred roads, dirt roads, cycle paths and even off road cycle paths – pretty impressive!  When it’s time to head home I’ll simply reroute myself back to my starting point by the click of a button.

Thus far I’ve been cycling on scenic bike paths, followed narrow ‘Nordic Walking’ routes, visited clear blue lakes and have ridden along sinuous streams all with the help of my Garmin Edge 1000’s mapping function. There is no way I would have been so adventures on my own because I  wouldn’t have had so many route options and no one wants to get lost in an unfamiliar place.

It has been a real treat to finally be able to use my Garmin Edge 1000’s mapping functionality to its full potential and I look forward to discovering even more scenic routes and breath-taking places over the next few weeks.

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